Capturing Every Single Detail Around Your Home And Office Just Got Easier With The Intelligent Solar Powered Security Camera

Be Ready Anywhere and Anytime To Keep Surveillance Of Your Home and Properties With Our Solar Powered Security Camera Without Having To Worry About Battery or Power Supply 24/7 365 Days

Keeping the house under constant surveillance has become an utmost necessity in our society. 

In order to prevent thefts or monitoring the actions of your infants as well as pets, wireless security cameras do a great job. 

Capturing every single detail even during night time, this camera also offers wide angle views.


Be it any industry, traffic signal, your house or any public place, security cameras have become important these days. 

Security cameras help you to monitor every movement and keep yourself secured from any unauthorised activity. 

However, if you are using a wired security camera then it can create a lot of problems for you. 

The wires can get damaged which can cause the loss of connectivity. 

Plus, the wires can get tangled which can cause further problems and even with the poor power supply, having a solar powered security camera is paramount

With the Our HD Intelligent Solar Powered security cameras for home or office, you will be able to check everything and remain secured without worrying about wires, battery , power supply or even storage space.

Here Is How The HD Intelligent Security Camera Works

Why Customers Love The HD Intelligent Security Camera

  • Smart Pan/tilt/zoom-With a 355° horizontal and a 120° vertical, the camera can move up, down, left, and right. The 4x digital power zoom allows you to view more detail or more objects without sacrificing quality.
  • No electricity required: Solar and battery powered;
  • No wiring needed: No need to thread wall, chisel a hole or destroy decoration;
  • Supported Off-line operations: Be monitored without networking;
  • Remote viewing: Free smartphone app with WIFI network can be viewed remotely;
  • PIR Human induction: Take photos immediately upon inducing people;
  • Privacy Protection: Local storage, no leaks;
  • Induction street lamp: Sensing people at night, the lights will be automatically activated;
  • Simple installation: self-installation, no need to invite professional construction staff;
  • Strong Solar panel power: 7.8W(Detachable, optional 3m/10ft extension cord not included)
  • Big Battery capacity: 14000mAh(2600mAh*6)
  • Storage capacity: Support Three Modes Recording : cloud storage, micro SD storage up to 128G, mobile phone storage;

100% Wire-Free

With Strong 8W Solar power panel and

6pcs total 14000mA built-in Battery,

This Intelligent loyal guard will Protect your property and your family 24 hours day & night all year long without a break.

And you need not worry about power supply

Smart PIR Sensor and Instant Alerts

With a 90° wide angle PIR motion sensor, every potential risk will be identified accurately and sent to you immediately.

And with a built in a micro SD card slot, the videos can be saved in the micro SD card. It can support up to 128GB.

Three Night Vision Modes

Three lighting modes Setting : black light full color/infrared night vision/double light warning;

Remote Control Pan/tilt/zoom

With your finger to slide on the app, You can easily control the wireless outdoor camera to rotate 320° horizontally and 90° vertically to cover every angle of your house or garden. Full coverage in any corners


Metal Aluminum Case with solid construction, equipped with waterproof level IP66 to make the camera survive various harsh environments. Operational temperature -40°~ 60°, you can absolutely take it easy to put it outside.

Real Two Way Audio

Two-way audio communication makes you hear and talk to your beloved or scare the intruder.Making you better protect your property and experience smart home life.



Here’s What Customers Are Saying About The

HD Intelligent Security Camera

I wanted to install a surveillance camera around my house, but must meet some criteria. Fist it can not be hardwire or plug into a outlet and I can’t constantly take it down to charge,

I want something
I can put it up and don’t have to touch for a long long time. Second it need to have night vision, most crime happens at night. So I found this camera.

Overall I like it, it have all the features I am looking for and with a little extra bonus.


My family needed an affordable security camera that could get the job done, and this one does everything.

It has a great image quality, clear speaker sound, rotation, zoom quality, night vision, and motion sensor.

It also can move 355 degrees pan and 144 degrees tilt, which lets you see more perspectives and a wider coverage area. The solar panel is waterproof and weather resistant. I have to say that technology changes life!

Juliet-Port Harcourt

Now, One thing we must warn you about is that this camera is small.

However, we pride ourselves in the quality of the pictures as well as its durability which is why we offer a one year warranty.


It Blows Your Mind Away or Your Money Back-No Questions



Money back

We are so confident in this security camera that we are willing to take away 100% from you and shelter it all.

Use this camera for the next 60 days and if at any point it fails, just ask for a refund and we will send back your money in full with no questions asked.

One thing we would like to let you know is that, this camera might not be the biggest but it performs better than more expensive CCTV cameras

It Doesn’t Even Stop There

When you order today, you also get a 64GB Sandisk Memory card for Free.

An Original Extreme Pro Sandisk memory card costs 10,000 but it will be yours for free so you don’t have to spend extra on memory cards or fall victim to fake memory cards.

With Every Order, You Get:


TODAY PRICE: 180,000


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